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About Your Session​

You’ve booked your shoot. Now what? Read on below – hopefully, all of your questions will be answered. (This is a super long page filled with TONS of information.) 


We’ve decided on our session date, and you’ve confirmed that it will work. What happens next?

If we chatted about your session in person, or you reached out to me via text or a messaging service (like Facebook messenger), make sure you provide me with your contact email right away. As soon as I have your contact email, within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a client questionnaire that needs to be filled out within 48 hours. This questionnaire is SUPER IMPORTANT as this is what I generate your contract and invoice from. It also helps with planning our session.


You will receive your contract & invoice as soon as it has been generated. An electronically signed contract and your deposit are due within 7 days to secure your spot.  Please take a look at your invoice as it will tell you how much the deposit is and when it is due. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied towards your total session fees. Without a signed contract or paid deposit, our session will not be held.


If you have booked a mini session or mini family portrait session,  you will not have a payment schedule. 



Mini Sessions must be paid for, in full, and have a signed contract 7 days after the session has been booked. As soon as you have selected your mini-session spot, you MUST provide an email address. You will receive a client questionnaire at the specified email address, which must be filled out within 24  hours. This will be used to generate the contract and invoice. The contract and invoice must be signed and completed within 7 days of booking your session, not 7 days from when you fill out the questionnaire. If all of this is not completed within 7 days, your spot will be forfeited.

  • For example, if you book your mini-session on Feb. 1, you receive your questionnaire and complete it by Feb. 3, your signed contract and invoice are due back by Feb. 8. Even if your session is not until August.

  • If invoices are not paid for, and contracts are not signed, within seven days, your spot will be forfeited and opened back up. You will not be able to re-book for the set of mini sessions.

    • Session spots are limited to one per person or family. You, as an individual, can not purchase multiple spots in a row and use it as one long session. 

    • If you and a family member book two session spots that are back to back, please keep in mind that these will function as two individual spots. You will not be able to overlap people from one shoot to the other.

    • The mini session fee covers up to 5 people in your session. There will be a $5 per person charge after the 5 person limit has been met. Please let Eryn know in your client questionnaire if you plan to have more than 5 people.


PLEASE NOTE: Mini sessions can not be used for senior portraits, newborns, or engagement sessions. A full session must be booked for these.


Mini sessions will not be able to be rescheduled, with the exception of inclement weather (which they will then be rescheduled to the pre-determined rain date.)


If you must cancel your session, a 24-hour written notice must be provided. If notice is not provided in written form, or 24 hours or less before your scheduled session, your session fees will not be refunded or applied to a reschedule.


If you provide at least a 24-hour notice, you may either apply your session fees to a future mini session (as long as there are still spots available) or receive a 50% refund. A full refund will not be provided for a mini session.


Make sure to send your deposit right away. This payment secures your date. Remember, dates are first come, first serve. I would hate for you to lose your shoot date because you never sent the deposit in! 


Please note, that certain locations do require advance notice and permission, along with fees. If you’re interested in having your spot at a location where this may be required, you will be responsible for any costs associated with holding our session there. We will discuss location after you’ve sent over your questionnaire unless you have booked a session that already has a pre-determined spot. Some places do require a minimum of one month’s notice.


I received all of my documents, signed my contract and paid my deposit. What next?

After all of your documents are signed and done, you will receive a session confirmation email from me. After that, it’s time to plan! I’ll look at what you have discussed in your questionnaire in terms of shots you want, clothing you’d like to wear, props you hope to use, etc. If you have ideas for images you want, please feel free to send them to me, whether it’s via Pinterest, or by email.


Please keep in mind that every photographer’s style differs. You may find a photo that you LOVE, but the location, the lighting, and other factors are all much different than what we are working with. I will do my best to make the poses work, but please understand that I will, under no circumstance, replicate another photographer’s work. I will look at your ideas and interpret them to best suit our planned session. For example, if we’re planning a maternity session for 8 AM on a beach, and you find an image of a woman posed in a field of flowers with that beautiful golden light, we will not be able to make our photos looks the same. Different location, different time of day, different photographer. 


My goal is to make sure you have photos that you will cherish and look back on for years to come.


What should I wear?

This varies shoot to shoot and person to person. As we plan, I will help you to decide!


What should I expect the day of the shoot?

Expect to have a lot of fun in a nice, relaxed environment. I love getting to know new people and I hope by the time our shoot has passed, we will be able to keep in touch. I put my heart and soul into the planning and execution of my shoots.


What happens after?

Once our session is over, I’ll be busy editing. Depending on the season, and how many sessions I have ahead of you to edit, you can under normal circumstances, expect to receive your photos within 2-3 weeks. During my busy season (August – November), turnaround time on photos is typically 3-4 weeks. I will post a sneak peek from our session as I’m editing, and that’s usually a good indication of where I am in the editing process!


Your photos will go through a light editing process before they come back to you. 


What does this mean?

I will only edit the best images from the session, and will adjust the light, color and minor details (such as the sky). Light editing does not include any retouching (more below on this). Once all photos have been gone through and edited, they will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery. As soon as your gallery is ready, an email will be sent with the gallery login information. Your gallery will stay active for 6 months. After 6 months, it will be archived and a $10 fee will be charged if you would like this to be unarchived, or left up longer. Your gallery will contain two albums of images – one will be labeled FOR PRINTING and one of will be labeled FOR ONLINE USE ONLY. The gallery labeled FOR PRINTING are the images that should be used for prints and do not have a watermark in the bottom right corner. The images in the FOR ONLINE USE ONLY gallery are the images that can be used online.


No photo should ever be posted on the internet without the Eryn E Photography, LLC logo on the image. 


Depending on your session, you will receive a certain number of images. This will all be in your contract.


If you purchased the CD (MINI SESSIONS ONLY) or USB Drive with your edited files, you will receive this 6-8 week after you have received your online gallery link. Please keep in mind, if you choose to order prints, I always recommend doing so from your online gallery. I can not guarantee the quality of prints ordered from anywhere but my online galleries.


I’m really excited to have gotten my gallery, but there are a few photos that I’d like re-edited. What should I do? 

Let me know as soon as you can. I do not retouch photos. I do not change the look of a person (weight, hair color, outfit, etc.), because then it doesn’t look like you, as you are, in that moment, any longer. However, if you really want something re-touched, it will be a flat $10 per photo charge and it will be out-sourced. 


If you receive your gallery, and you don’t like the look of your photos (color, filters, etc.), and would like them re-edited, it will be a $5 per photo fee. I edit my photos the same way nearly every time. If they look different, it’s due to lighting, time of day, location, etc. Please note that if you receive a photo only in black and white, or only in color, I did edit it that way on purpose. It usually means that the photo looked better in one or the other, not both.


If you receive your gallery, and want to more edited photos, the pricing for additional edited photos on top of what you already received is as follows:

1 photo – $5.00

5 photos – $20

10 photos – $40

More than 10 photos – $40 for the first 10 photos, $3.50 for each additional photo after 10


I received my gallery and I don’t like any of my photos. Can I have a refund? 

(Thankfully, I’ve never received this question but I’m putting it out there now in case it ever does come up!)

No. Refunds are not provided, if you are unhappy with your images. I’m very sorry you don’t like your photos, and I feel awful you feel that way, however, per your signed contract, you have hired me to interpret the subject photographically.


I’m posting this here purely to show the importance in doing your research when hiring a photographer. Don’t hire someone just because they are cheap. Know their work. Know their editing style. Make sure you like the images they take before you hire them. This will prevent any awkward questions from coming up. 


Any other questions, please e-mail me! I will make sure that your question is answered promptly. Every question is important. If you are thinking it, chances are someone else is too!


Other Important Session Notes

  • Seniors sessions may not share session time.  Each senior portrait session must book their own individual session spot.

  • The Mini Family Portrait Session may only be booked for family sessions and must be held within 10 miles of 01950. Newborn, senior portraits and headshots may not book this session.

  • If a session is canceled and/or postponed, you must provide at least 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice may result in a fee (Deposit+ 1/2 of the Session Fee). If you had previously paid for your session in full and canceled your session, you will have 30 days to reschedule your session for the same length as previously scheduled. After 30 days, if you have not rescheduled your session, then your session fees will become non-refundable and non-transferable.

    • If you do not show up for your scheduled session time without any prior notice, you will be responsible for the entire session fee. If you have previously paid, this will not be refunded, returned, or put towards another session, nor can it be applied to a rescheduled session. If you choose to reschedule a session that you did not show up for previously, it will be considered a new session and new session fees will be applied.

    • In case of bad weather, I will notify you personally if we need to reschedule. No need to worry about fees due to Mother Nature!

    • Things come up. I get that. So if you need to cancel or reschedule, just be honest. Sickness, emergencies, things outside of your control will not incur a fee. If you’re canceling because you don’t feel like having a session that day, that will incur a fee. If your kids have the flu, definitely won’t incur a fee.

  • Payment is due by the due listed on your invoice. Credit Cards or Check are accepted. Cash is not accepted. You are able to pay directly through your online invoice. Checks should be made out to Eryn E Photography, LLC. Please follow the payment schedule listed in your invoice.

  • Please be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your session. Your session will start promptly at the scheduled time, and if you aren’t there, you will not get your full session time.

  • Travel fee will be applied for any distance outside of the specified distance (25 miles for portraits/varies depending on wedding package) . It will be applied as a “round-trip” fee.

  • The online gallery will be available for 6 months from the date it was made available, not from the date you opened in your email. Images will be included in two albums; ONLINE USE ONLY (With Watermark) and FOR PRINTING (No Watermark). Any gallery that must be retrieved after the archival date will incur a fee.


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